What is a Global Planet Authority?

We need a specialist global authority to care for the planet. The GPA will have one sole focus - to protect and enhance the biosphere.

The GPA will sit above all national governments and will have sufficient regulatory and monetary power to maintain the health of the biosphere for the ultra long term.

We need no one’s permission to vote a Global Planet Authority into existence. This will be our first act of global self determination.

Watch the video to learn more about what the GPA will do and how we can make it a reality.

Take Action Now

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Our ethos is peaceful but determined. We do not criticize governments, corporations or particular individuals. The fault of poor biophysical protection lies with us all as we have not created the right governance structure for the task.

It is our greatest responsibility to vote into existence a global authority that can halt and reverse the damage done to our most valuable global asset.

It is time for a revolutionary change in the governance of the biosphere.It is time to build towards our first ever action of global self determination.

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